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**“Smooth Stitch: Natural Beeswax Thread Conditioner"**

**“Smooth Stitch: Natural Beeswax Thread Conditioner"**

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Keep your threads tangle-free and smooth with our Beeswax Thread Conditioner. Perfect for hand sewing, embroidery, upholstery, and cross stitch, this thread conditioner is made from pure beeswax, helping your thread glide through fabric with ease. Ensure your stitching projects are flawless every time!

To use: Simply run the thread between your finger or thumb and the wax applying very gentle pressure. This may slightly darken the thread. Store in a cool place so the wax doesn’t melt!

Note: Since this is natural unbleached beeswax there me be slight color variations and a slightly sweet scent.

If you’d like a larger size, quantity or volume than what we have currently available, please send us a direct message.

The thread conditioner that is the natural beeswax color in these photos is the one you will get. The other colors are also available. If you purchase another color, you will not get the wick added to the flower.

Colors may vary slightly due to lighting, differences in cameras or backgrounds. We have made every effort to portray this item as close to what you’d see in person as possible.

See photos for sizes.

please ask any questions.

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